Watertravel & Waterside Destinations Various cruise boats and small recreational craft are available for hire at Waase on the island of Ummanz.

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One of the smaller islands in the Rgen archipelago, Ummanz offers some interesting historical and recreational attractions to the visitor.

Since 1901, Ummanz has been connected toSt. Marien Kirche zu Waase, which dates from the 15th century, houses a relief carving which depicts the life of Thaomas  Becket. (Below) Pedal boats are for rent at Waase, a short walk from St. Marien Kirche. Ruegen by a bridge. There are only a few small villages on the island, of which Waase is the largest. It is widely known because of a famous carved wood altar from Antwerp in its small 15th-century church, St. Marien Kirche zu Waase. The carving (below) depicts the life of the English archbishop, Thomas Becket.

Ummanz is a tranquil island that derives its living mainly from agriculture and fishing. With a total area of about 20 square kilometers, one can easily explore it on foot, either alone or in company with one of the various guided tours.  Not far offshore from Ummanz is the islet of Heuwiese, a breeding ground for over 20,000 pairs of birds. There are pedal boats and other water recreation available for hourly and daily rental on Ummanz, making it perhaps the best destination in the Ruegen archipelago for families with kids and anyone else who wants to do something physically active.

The altar in St. Marien Kirche zu Waase depicts the live of the English archbishop, Thomas  Becket.
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