Watertravel & Waterside Destinations The Jagdschloss, or "hunting castle," on the island of Ruegen.

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Jagdschloss Granitz

A popular stop along the Kleinbahn route, roughly midway between Putbus and Göhren, is the “hunting castle.”

Actually, the train stop at the Jagdschloss is a considerable hike downhill from the castle itself. You can opt to walk up the cobblestone path or take a horse-drawn cart. They also have the kind of miniature mock trains you see pretty much everywhere there are tourists. We opted for the hike.

The spiral staircase inside the Jagdschloss leads to the rooftop lookout.Inside the castle are to be found some interesting artwork and artifacts, including chairs made from antlers. The castle’s main draw, however, is the steep spiraling climb up the inside of the central tower. You can enjoy the sweeping panoramic views from its turret roof. As the stairway is quite narrow, the number of people allowed to go up at a time is limited.  Visitors ascend in single file, with each subsequent group waiting to go up until after the previous one has descended. The stairway is constructed of see-through metal grating; those who have a problem with heights might prefer to casually stroll around the castle and view the artwork in its rooms.

The view from atop the Jagdschloss is a sweeping panorama of the island of Rügen.
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