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Watertravel & Waterside DestinationsThe wine growing region of the Middle Rhine Gorge offers miles of hiking/biking trails.

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Middle Rhine Wine Country

Vineyards have been a feature of the Middle Rhine Gorge since Roman times.

The antiquity of the stone terraces is clearly evident in some cases, and oneVineyards are cultivated up the steep hillsides in the Middle Rhine Valley. occasionally sees hillside vineyards which are obiously very old and long since overgrown with trees and bramble. Most, however, are well tended and productive. Wine tasting can vary from organized tours down to simply stopping at a roadside stand and sampling the products. It’s enjoyable either way.

As well as a place to go wine tasting, the area is great for exercise as it is laced with hiking/biking trails. These can be found on both sides of the river, such as those near the Lorelei and in the steep hillsides around Burg Rheinfels. Roadside inns such as  Loreley-Haus, below, await the traveler. 

Roadside inns such as the Loreley-Haus await the traveler in the Middle Rhine wine country.
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