Watertravel & Waterside DestinationsBuildings in downtown Rüdesheim-am-Rhein.

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Rüdesheim am Rhein

The town is perhaps the most frequented of all the tourist spots along the Middle Rhine Gorge.

The city’s livelihood, for as long as anyone knows, has come from wine production and the shipment of goods on the river. The narrow streets and lanes are crowded with wine bars and souvenir shops. A stroll through the “Drosselgasse” (the most famous street in Ruedesheim), a narrow lane onlyA solitary stroll in the Drosselgasse in early morning would be elbow-to-elbow later in the afternoon. nine feet wide, can seem like a full day’s trip in the peak tourist season.

High above Ruedesheim is the Niederwald monument. Construction began in 1877, and ever since then the patriotic monument has drawn many tourists. It was possible to reach it with a chain-driven tram from 1885 until its destruction in 1939. In 1954 an aerial tramway was built to replace the original and since than has taken visitors to the 123-foot (38 m) high monument and the 34-foot (10.5-meter) high statue of Germania. On clear days a sweeping panoramic view of the river valley below is guaranteed.

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