Watertravel & Waterside DestinationsBurg Rheinstein is perched dramatically atop a rock outcropping above the Rhine.

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Rheinstein Castle

It’s one of the oldest, smallest and most picturesque castles on the Rhine.

Originally a customs post for the German Empire, Burg Rheinstein was built roughly 1100 years ago on a sheer rock cliff rising 270 feet (83 meters) above the river. Directly across the river from it is Assmannshausen, a district of Rüdesheim (although the castle was built two centuries before the first known mention of Assmannshausen in 1108).

For a short period of time in the late 13th century, Rheinstein was the home of the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolph von Habsburg. It was at the Rheinstein castle that he decreed a death sentence upon Philip von Hohenfels, outlaw proprietor of the nearby Reichenstein castle.

Today, BurgRheinstein is privately owned but accessible year-round to visitors for a nominal entrance fee. There is a café offering pastries, coffee and a variety of Rhine wines. It’s open from the end of March through the end of October.

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