Watertravel & Waterside Destinations Köln-Düsseldorfer excursion ship waits at the dock in Rüdesheim; across the river is Bingen.

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Rhine Cruises & Excursions

Water travel on the Rhine takes many forms, from short tourist excursions at the cost of a few euros to long-distance luxury cruises.

The ships seen mostfrequently are those of the Köln-Düsseldorfer line. Beginning at Cologne (but with more frequent schedules departing from Bonn) regularly scheduled runs are made with stops along the way to the southern end of the route at Mainz. Prices range from under three euros for the shortest distance, one way, to 55 euros for the longest routes, round trip. K-D will let you ride free on your birthday, regardless of age.

Another line with reasonably-priced day cruises in the area is the Bingen-Rüdesheimer Fahrgastschiffahrt line, based in Bingen at the southern end of the Rhine Gorge. They offer castle tours, cruises with live bands, etc. Trips of a few hours duration between, for example, Sankt Goar and Rüdesheim, will be in range of 10 euros.

A third option is the Roessler Line based in Assmannshausen, offering quite reasonably priced river and castle tours.

Of course, for some a Rhine cruise means going on a luxury ship with a private stateroom and all the trimmings. Such an excursion that runs into multiple days and longer distances can cost thousands of pounds/dollars/euros. 

A Köln-Düsseldorfer excursion boat waits at the dock by Cologne.

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