Watertravel & Waterside Destinations The square in central Nijmegen/Nimwegen/Nymegen is rather quiet in thiis photo but can be a very busy place on a warm afternoon.

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Nijmegen (Nymegen,Nimwegen)

The city dates back to Roman times, when it was known as Noviomagus.

Centuries after the time of the Caesars, during the period of the Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne had a hilltop castle here overlooking the river. That was replaced after another 300 or so years with a castle for King Frederick I, AKA Frederick von Staufen, AKA Barbarossa. Although dismantled in the late 18th century, some ruins of the Barbarossa castle still remain (below).Quirin's restaurant-boat on Nijmegen's waterfront features fire-roasted kebab skewers.

Stones from the earliest structures were used in later construction in the city. In addition to a casino (built on the site of the former castle) the wharf area is home to several river cruise boats and numerous restaurants.

In winter you mightsee (or do) outdoor ice skating. In the warmer months, try going to nearby Gendt and taking the Fietsveer, or bicycle ferry, to Millinger Waard. For centuries, Nijmegen has had a special friendship with the nearby German city of Kleve.

Ruins of Barbarossa's castle overlook the Waal (Rhine) River in Nijmegen.
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