Watertravel & Waterside Destinations A bottle of red wine is shared by a couple in a Strandkorb on the island of Langeoog.

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Langeoog in the East Friesland Islands

Along the coast of the North Sea, the Dutch islands of West Friesland and the German islands of East Friesland are separated from the mainland by an expanse of — depending on the tide — shallow sea or mudflats.

Channels are dredged through this Wattenmeer from the mainland to the islands, allowing the passage of ferries and other ships. We took one such ferry to the East Frisian island of Langeoog.

For the traveler, the islands offer a variety of getaways, each with its own charm. The trip to Langeoog is a voyage life at a slower pace, without all the the fuming, honking vehicle traffic. Bicycle on brick-paved paths through the dunes. (Bring your own bike on the ferry or use one of the many available for rent.) With no cars to worry about, except for a few emergency and delivery vehicles, it’s a great place for people who don’t ordinarily do a lot of cycling.

Relax in a Strandkorb (literally, “beach basket,” often referred to in English as a beach chair). Enjoy an ice cream or lunch in an outdoor café. Meander among the shops in town. Swim and surf in the sea. Hike along the many kilometers of white-sand beach and keep an eye out for bits of amber. Climb to the top of the old watertower for a panoramic view. Most of all, slow down a bit.

The water tower, Langeoog, in early morning
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