Watertravel & Waterside Destinations Langeoog train station in town, with people going to their various lodgings.

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Langeoog Train / Zug

The absence of cars on Langeoog means that, while there is no traffic to contend with, there are also no taxis.

Upon arrival at the ferry dock, passengers board the narrow-gauge train for the shortAt vacation's end, passengers board the train. trip from the harbor to the center of town. Luggage is automatically transferred to the train by the staff. When the train arrives at the town, you walk from the station to your hotel or vacation house. Traveling light with rolling luggage is a good idea. Some handcarts — Bollerwagen — are available, although generally these are the property of the hotels. The train ride is included in the cost of the ferry trip from Bensersiel.

The Langeoog train enters station.
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