Watertravel & Waterside Destinations Langeoog town as seen from the water tower.

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Langeoog Town / Stadt

As well as as selection of hotels, many of the residences are set up with guest cottages and apartments.

We stayed in one such apartment, and except for a couple of restaurant meals we used its well-equipped kitchen to prepare food from the bakeries and grocery stores in town. A horse-drawn carriage takes children on rides around Langeoog town. Bicycles line the roadside near a local restaurant.

The fresh ocean breezes and several kilometers of excellent beach are no doubt the biggest attraction for many people. However the aspect of having no automobiles to contend with as you get around the island on foot and by bycicle is also part of what makes a vacation on Langeoog special. It’s a different experience than going to, for instance, the island of Norderney. The latter may have more to offer in the way of social and other activities, but the presence of auto traffic makes it very much like being in a typical town on the German mainland.

A couple rides bicycles near the landmark water tower on Langeoog.
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