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Langeoog Dunes / DŁnen

However inviting Langeoog’s dunes might appear to mountain bikers, they’re strictly off limits.

Cyclists and hikers are warned to stick to the bricked paths. (Left) Wild roses are abundant in the dunes. Biking is on-path only as there is ongoing a rigorous and necessary program of dune preservation. That said, there are brick pathways throughout the dunes which are not especially crowded even in the high season. Roses grow wild over much of the area of the dunes, adding their fragrance and color to the island’s allure.

Cycling to the far end of Langeoog, away from the town, takes you by an old Meierei, or dairy farm. It now serves refreshments and is a popular place for island visitors to congregate.

We rented a couple of bikes in Langeoog town and took the pathway shown below, stopped for some coffee at the Meierei Ostende, and continued from there on to the beach. From that vantage point, the neighboring island of Spiekeroog is quite close. 

Cyclists take the path from Langeoog town to the Meierei.
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