Watertravel & Waterside Destinations Strandkörbe, or beach baskets, on Langeoog

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Langeoog Beach /Strand

As its name would suggest, the East Frisian island of Langeoog is a long island.

It’s got a dogleg shape and, at around 14 kilometers in length, there’s plenty of broad, flat beach for a long hike. Nearer town are the Strandkörbe, or beach baskets. Langeoog beach at sunsetThey’re available for rent at around EUR 10 per day, or half that if you rent only in the afternoon. For an evening sunset, people often just find a vacant one and enjoy as the money collector will have closed up his kiosk for the day. Also near town are the amenities of public restrooms as well as various refreshments, from drink and snack stands to sit-down restaurants.

Langeoog beach at sunset Once away from town one can enjoy solitude with sea and sand, even in the peak season. For the athletic there is volleyball, windsurfing and swimming. And for those whose idea of high adventure is a thrilling novel, there’s ample quiet in which to enjoy it. Langeoog is a great place to get away from it all and have time to think — and all without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Langeoog beach with reed barriers to prevent dune erosion.
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