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Children are walking to school in the Mattancherry area of Kochi.
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Children are walking to school in the Mattancherry area of Kochi.

Keralan Society

That the children ask for pens makes a comment on Keralan society.

The state has the highest literacy rate in India — said to be over 90 percentParadesi (foreign) Synagogue is the oldest extant synagogue in Cochin. and still climbing — as well as India’s lowest birth rate, highest life expectancy, Village school children in Keralaleast inter-religious quarreling, highest per-capita income, highest percentage of population owning land, amng other social superlatives. The citizens of “The Land of Green Magic” are justly proud of their state, and unabashed boosterism is rampant.

There have been Christians in Kerala for virtually the entire 2,000 years of the religion’s history (beginning with the arrival of the disciple, Thomas). Jews have been on the Malabar Coast half a millennium longer, although many relocated to Israel when the nation was founded six-plus decades ago.

The maharajas of Kerala had a very egalitarian approach to the populace, in contrast to other parts of India, which is just another of the factors that make Kerala such a mellow place.

School girls in Kochi/Cochin



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