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The village above the beach at Kovalam, Kerala, India.
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The village above the beach at Kovalam, Kerala, India.

Kovalam Village Life

It has been said that the Keralan Christians believe in serving three kinds of meat with every meal.

Kumar roasts a fish on an open fire of palm thatch. Perhaps so. In any case, that statement crossed my mind as I was offered a meal of fresh fish by Phillipe, a Christian, and his best friend Kumar, AKA “Joey,” a Muslim (see Keralan society). Walking past fresh coconuts gathered in a meadow, we followed the path up into their village where Joey barbecued the fish.

The taste was everything one would expect from fish, mussels and lobsters caught that same afternoon in theFish, lobster and mussels are served on a banana leaf. waters just off Kovalam beach. The plate was a banana leaf.

The fuel was palm thatch, recycled from the previous Coconuts are ready for processing into copra and coir.year’s roof. As roofing, it’s good for a season at most, so each year it’s replaced with new. That which was removed becomes fuel for the fire — just another use for the ubiquitous coconut.



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Kovalam Village Life

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