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A kettuvallam picks up copra from processing facility.
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A kettuvallam picks up copra from processing facility.

Copra Processing

Copra — the dried meat of the coconut — accounts for a significant fraction of Kerala’s gross product.

Halves of coconut meat, copra, drying in the sun.

We arrived just before the workers took their midday meal. The late-December weather was quite hot if you were to ask me, but to the locals a recent temperature drop made it seem chilly.

The sun was still sufficiently hot to dry if not virtually broil the coconut meat halves, which the workers patiently turn so drying is even. When the drying process is complete, the copra is gathered and sacked for delivery to the waiting kettuvallam.

The kettuvallam pictured above is a working boat, the basic craft upon which the kettuvallams for travelers are based. Add some refinements and amenities, and you’re ready to cruise.

Copra is put in gunny sacks for transport to market.



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