Watertravel & Waterside Destinations The harbor at Helgoland is not large or deep enough for the ferries to dock, hence the need for ship’s tenders.

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Shopping in Heligoland Town

Aside from the weather, spas and natural beauty, duty-free shopping is the main reason people go to Helgoland.

There is a wide variety of scents and cosmetics, hard liquor, tobacco products and fashion items, all at duty-free prices. Of course, there are also customs agents waiting for you when you get back onto theShoppers in Helgoland town. boat, checking to see that you aren't taking back more than the allotted quantities. Basically, given the limits, it means you can save enough to pay for the boat trip. At those times when the weather on Helgoland is fresh and clear in counterpoint to a foggy, clammy or muggy condition on the mainland, it’s definitely worth the trip.

We did a little shopping and did buy some items, but were more interested in hiking on the trails and photographing the birds.

Shopping in Helgoland.

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