Watertravel & Waterside Destinations The harbor at Helgoland is not large or deep enough for the ferries to dock, hence the need for ship’s tenders.

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Helgoland Ships’Tenders

Since the port at Heligoland will not accommodate the ferries, you debark into smaller boats to go ashore.

This is loads of fun. Regardless of their ages, I imagine that most people have enough kid left in them to consider it to be the high point of the trip. Of course, there are no doubt some People board ships tender to go from ferry to Helgoland island.who would be more excited by the duty-free prices on alcohol, tobacco and cosmetics to be found in town.

Unfortunately for those who enjoy the experience of going ashore in the ships’ tenders, there is a plan to extend the wharf out into deep enough water to moor the ferries and load/unload passengers. The fishermen of Heligoland who have had the concession on piloting the tenders would then need to find other employment. The catamarans from Hamburg and Cuxhaven, in addition to being faster than conventional ferries, have a shallow enough draft to allow docking at Helgoland without a ship’s tender.

Passengers ride a ship's tender to port at Helgoland.

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