Watertravel & Waterside Destinations If you go to Helgoland on a pleasant summer day, you can expect company.

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Hiking on Heligoland

If you go to Helgoland / Heligoland on a pleasant summer day, you can expect company.

People on the cliffs where the birds have their nests. All those ferries from the Friesland Islands, the Jutland Peninsula and Hamburg do, after all, bring a considerable volume of passengers. And the island is quite small.

As you can see in the photo above, the paths are paved, which makes it easy and safe to walk out to and along the cliffs. There are plenty of lookout points from which to view the birds. Walking out to the cliffs to the place where they nest, you pass by Moorland sheep grazing, unfenced. Considering the icy gales that sweep the island in the winter, their heavy wool coats are no doubt perfectly appropriate attire.

Moorland sheep wander and graze freely on Helgoland.

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