Watertravel & Waterside Destinations Ferries are anchored offshore at Helgoland.

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Helgoland Ferries / Faehren

On a summer day, ferries will converge at Helgoland from various ports around the German bight.

As well as ferries, there are numerous charter boats. They come from as far north as the island of Sylt near the Danish border, as far south as the city of Hamburg on the Elbe River, and as far west as the island of Borkum on the Dutch border. 

Most of the travel times are in the two-and-a-half- to three-hour range, with the longest being five hours from Hamburg (where the fairly recent addition of a high-speed catamaran cuts the time considerably). This smorgasbord of options is great for people who get a kick out of travel by water.

Thefares are reasonable, generally less than EUR 35 round trip from various ports. For not much more, you can buy a round-trip ticket in which the return ticket is usable any time within a two-month period. That’s the obvious choice if you intend to stay on the island for a period of days or weeks.

Your choice of ship would have mostly to do with your preferred departure point and how it fits in with your itinerary and other travel plans. The easiest port to reach for people coming from other countries would probably be Hamburg, since the city has an international airport.

A ship awaits passengers ot the port in Buesum.

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