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This picturesque town in Germany’s northern state of Schleswig-Holstein is one of the principal ports with connections to Helgoland.

The town itself is a good stroll, its streets lined with enough shops and eateries to make it entertaining for tourists. Its beach, however, is on the Wattenmeer, the mudflat sea that stretches from Denmark all the way around the German coastShoppers in Buesum to the Afsluitdijk in Holland.

Many people find the mud to be both therapeutic and enjoyable but many others (including this writer) would gladly trade it for sand any day. There is a charge of around 2,50 EUR to go for a walk on the mud.

Since 1837, Buesum has been designated as a North Sea Spa Resort. Fresh sea air and excellent spa facilities attract people from all over Germany for rejuvenating vacations. Information on Buesum is available here. From Büsum, Helgoland is a 70 km (40+ mile) ride. Several ships make the trip.

Fishing boat enters harbor at Buesum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

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