Watertravel & Waterside Destinations A tourist boat brings people to the dock for transit by bus to the parking area.

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Plitvičke Jezera /Plitvice Lakes

Think of the world’s great waterfall locations and to that list add Plitvičke Jezera. It’s a “must see” on any trip to Croatia.

Waterfalls and hiking trails at Plitvicke Jezera, Croatia. Whether you hike the trails beside the falls along with droves of other tourists or trek eastward in the direction of the Bosnian border — probably encountering very few other hikers along the way — the trip involves a fair amount of walking. Some of it is done on moderately steep paths, other parts quite easy going.

As you see on the map below, there are two parking areas. One of them, P2, is adjacent to the place where a boat takes visitors to the south end of the main hiking trail. The other, P1, is at the far end. After hiking down the side of the canyon from P1 and walking along the water, the boat is met which takes visitors to the other parking area. Either way, a shuttle bus takes you back to the parking lot where you started. The dotted in the map shows a much longer hiking trail around a lake, a great walk if you have the time and stamina for it.


If you hike eastward into the mountains from the P1 parking area, do take note of the trail markings on trees: a white spot surrounded by a red ring. Signs advise visitors to stick to the trails. The first shots in the war of the early nineties were fired here. Although that’s well in the past, there is still the possibility of stumbling upon an overlooked land mine or other hazard. The trails themselves are safe if you stay on them, and they make for an enjoyable hike. One of them leads to a mountain peak with sweeping panoramic views.

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