Watertravel & Waterside Destinations A game of chess is played in the shade of a tree on Kolovare Beach, just south of central Zadar.

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Zadar, Ancient City on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Zadar was already a well-established city when the Romans arrived over 2,000 years ago.

Above: Café society goes on alongside archeological digging in old town Zadar. Below:A mother and children stroll in the very narrow streets of Poluotok, Zadar.In fact, Zadar has been a city, or at least a large settlement, since the Stone Age. Ongoing archeological digs in the old town take place alongside cafés and boutiques.

The streets of the old part of the city are exceptionally narrow, even by European standards. Wandering through them, one senses a laid-back feeling that there’s plenty of time for a leisurely cup of coffee in a café, a game of chess under a tree by the beach, perhaps a stroll through the farmers’ market. A detailed map of the city would be a benefit and certainly something to buy upon arrival.

The city which has grown up around the old town (Poluotok) is quite modern, and includes branches of several of the large German supermarket chains. If there is any difference at all between them and their siblings in Germany, it is that those in Croatia are even larger and better stocked.

Old cathedral in central Zadar (L), and Land Gate at entrance to Poluotok (old town) section of Zadar(R).
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