Watertravel & Waterside Destinations The perimeters of olive groves are marked with fences of piled stones.

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Olive Groves on the Dalmatian Coast

Olives, and particularly their oil, are a major ingredient in the Croatian diet.

As one who is somewhat ambivalent about the flavor of olive oil, it’s easy to get the impression that they put it either on or in just about everything but ice cream. The taste improves, slightly, when you remind yourself how healthy olive oil is for your heart.Gnarled olive tree.

Along the coast north of Split, olive trees are abundant, almost as abundant as the stones. The two combine in the form of stone walls around groves of olive trees.

In the lower left of the picture set above, a “magarac” (donkey) waits to carry sacks of freshly picked olives. Above that is a deeply gnarled old tree which probably would have been culled from a commercial grove long ago. Regardless of primary vocations or professions, it is common for Croatian families to have at least a few olive trees in the countryside and to pick and process their own crop. 

A magarac waits as elderly couple picks olives.
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