Watertravel & Waterside Destinations Jadrolinija's ferry, Vladimir Nazor, is anchored at Brbinj on the island of Dugi Otok, ready to take passengers, autos and trucks back to Zadar.

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Islands off Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Croatia has more than a thousand islands dotting the Adriatic.

Some are populated, but most of those quite sparsely compared to the mainland. Others have no permanent residents at all, although some are popular moorings for visiting yachtsmen.

We left from Zadar’s harbor to the island of Dugi Otok (“long island”) aboard the Jadrolinija ferry, Vladimir Nazor. The ferry docks at Brbinj, which is near the middle of the island on its eastern side. We drove north for a while and enjoyed the views. As this was during the month of October, there were people here and there picking olives.

Driving south, wecame to the harbor town of Sali, where it’s possible to arrange transportation to other islands aboard smaller, private boats. In Sali, you can also arrange to rent one of the primitive stone fishermen's cottages to enjoy what is known as a “Robinson Crusoe” vacation. Some of these are near the picturesque Telasica Bay. Also toward the southern end of the island is Jezero mira, a saltwater lake which is cut off from the sea and has generally warmer water. It’s a good place for swimming (and is a favorite destination for naturists).

Stone fishermen's cottages on Croatia's islands make for a "Robinson Crusoe" vacation.
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